Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why this Blog is for

Hi Everyone,

Appreciate your overwelming response on my earlier blog named Trade with confidence in technical Analysis.
Your interest towards my analysis made me more responsible in analyzing the stocks and trying to put best trading opportunities for quite some time. Most of the times when I posted my charts, I used to take calls in Options & Futures in the direction of the price moment which mentioned in the charts.

I'd like to start writing about the indices which are more liquid and can have a systematic moves with an identified trends. I follow a systematic approach in analyzing the stocks.

1. I look at the indices like NIFTY,BANKNIFTY, CNX IT, CNX FINANCE, CNX PHARMA and CNX FMCG and will identify which index looks good to go long or short.

2.After identifying the trend of the index, I will dig into the stocks in those indices which will impact the current moves in the indices.
3. Filtering out few stocks from all these indices, stocks, we choose the one trading with good volumes and at support levels.

I also created my own indices giving weight-age to the stocks, which will let me know the set of stocks are moving higher or lower.

I'd like to post my analysis on Indices where we can go long or short for time to time. So that my blog followers can identify which sector stocks are going to push the market up or down and intern trade in those stocks to make good money.

Bear with me for sometime as schedule looks very tight for me nowadays.

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