Saturday, March 22, 2014

India VIX

India VIX

India Vix is trading in a traingle for longer time. It hit earlier low of 12.50 and recorded a new low.For almost 6 months VIX is resisted by trend line. Posted earlier also using this trend which is not yet broken till now and hence Nifty is Kept trading at higher levels. Looking at daily charts, still the Vix can be at these lower levels with chances of hitting low once again. Keenly watch this to give a breakout for any bearish view. If Vix moves lower to 12 then there is a chance that it may go all the way to 8 to 7.

Wish you happy trading and Investing.

my strategy is to sell options when VIX is at low ( or making lows in the month) Buy options when it aligned to move up. All the best.

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